Opioids of the individuals Why Echo?

Posted on November 17. 2023 at 7:24

Putin deceives Russians with nationalism; The Arab peoples are medication to Islam; In Western international locations, youngsters are numb to screens; aux Etats-Unis, on the expense of 120,000 deaths on account of fentanyl overdose… The clock is part of synthetic paradise.

Individuals, “working by way of the struggling of dangerous individuals,” writes Baudelaire (whom he is aware of), inherit opium. They’re channeled by mentors who’re unable to supply true nourishment and within the West by lifeless mother and father and twin medicines.

Karl Marx condemns Christianity: “Faith is the ill-accepted soup of creation, a world with no coronary heart, the spirit of an age with no soul.” That is the opium of the individuals. “There are actually many varieties of opium.

One can’t suppose that Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the vast majority of Arab leaders are “remoted” from their economically helpless, warlike, and different non secular individuals.

A faith acquires an id

Putin misplaced out on a visit to Higher Russia as a result of he needed to diversify the financial system and get better belongings nicely. After Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Tehran in 1979, enthusiasm for Islam was revealed and grafted as a really perfect various into the lands devastated by Soviet coverage and thru the higher use of the nation. Or noir as the event half.

Islamic medication have been very cleverly instilled within the veins of the “Arab Road” below the title of “id.” Iran and its jihadist gangs guard the borders. The painful detoxing interval appears to happen all the best way from Morocco to Kuwait to the golf seashores of Saudi Arabia. As Putin accuses the 2 international locations of wanting Russia and Tehran to do that, with a particular objective, Israel is chargeable for the “colonizer” for inflicting hurt to the Arabs. and so forth.

Faith should clarify its id because of this, in France, a woman of three years previous is that non secular fact is greater than the truths of the Republic and science (1). It will be tough to rephrase the reality of Karl’s life: faith isn’t the reply to Arabizing extra, collectivism as individualism, and conversion.

The financial place isn’t silly

The batches which have been developed now not study in any respect, however quite turn into alien to medication previous and new. Idiots are universally occupied so economically that it shouldn’t be so.

There’s additionally a really massive deal that Mexicans aren’t the kind of individuals managed by drug sellers. The movement reaches Africa the place Islamist networks movement, by way of an alliance that goes again, particularly within the suburbs of France. Billion Deal Report As a result of the rising demand for medication is rather a lot like a merciless drug, with out the cruelty coverage working.

Social decline in america and job alternatives in devastated areas permit prescribed drugs to prescribe “opioid” antagonists. Low-priced artificial medication, resembling fentanyl, are launched into the market. In 2023, the document of 120,000 overdose deaths was achieved: the primary consider paydays, the equal of the Hiroshima bomb for your complete 12 months. Governments search to restrict extra provide and, with out realizing it, scale back the quantity of demand.

The screens are new

For the reason that lively substances for fentanyl originate in China, you may have the ability to speak about revenge for the “Opium Warfare” of the nineteenth century.H Within the twentieth century, when the British and their American and French allies completed off the Emperor’s armies to pressure China’s advance, they wreaked large devastation on the inhabitants and assets of the nation for 130 years.

Screens are the brand new drug. Kids are made youthful at an early age by on-line “hypnosis”, referred to as Bruno Patino (2). The financial system of “consideration” retains us captive, the photographs fading away like medication blended with analgesic and stimulant energy across the clock.

The results on the cervix are solely starting to be studied: violence, consideration deficit, and emotional indulgence. No chine – tian, tian! – Resolution to find out makes use of in youngsters. The founders, geeks in California, share similarities with their family members. “The age is soulless” (Marx) What’s drowned within the “imaginative visions” of opium (Baudelaire)?

(1) Olivier Galland, “Telos”

(2) “The Immersion,” Graset

Eric Le Boucher Edited in Echos.

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