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Top 5 NFT Marketing Agencies in 2022

Top 5 NFT Marketing Agencies in 2022


5 best nft marketing agencies 2022

Looking for the best NFT marketing agencies in 2022 to promote your NFT brand? Then you need to visit here and find the best NFT marketing services for your project.

UNITED STATES, May 30, 2022 / – Here are the 5 best NFT marketing agencies in 2022.

1. Blockwiz Solutions Ltd.

Founded in 2019, Blockwiz is now among the leading crypto and NFT marketing agencies. They have over 70 NFT marketing team professionals working on more than 150 profitable crypto projects. They provide data-driven cryptocurrency marketing programs to help crypto companies maximize value and work more efficiently. Blockwiz’s award-winning community moderation staff makes it easy to administer your blockchain networks on Telegram and Discord with their NFT impact marketing service.

Their video production team can help produce high-quality content to increase interaction on social media.

The Blockwiz SMM team creates different types of content such as surveys, questionnaires and incentives. They maintain their target audience by interestedly publishing regular reports on certain social media sites. Because their NFT content writing team helps develop email and site-based websites, search engine optimized and designed to convey your brand message, attracting more customers.


ICODA is a cryptocurrency advertising company with a strong reputation in the industry. It helps blockchain-based businesses achieve their top performance by ensuring that quality content displays an advanced understanding of blockchain technology and generates ads with high returns on investment. ICODA has been a valuable asset in helping new businesses get started. Even more with the help of professionals with experience in promotion and cryptocurrency.

Using research and personal features powered by artificial intelligence, they were able to provide standard liquidity on cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, they have a wide range of strategies to increase the number of trading activities and create additional liquidity for their investors.

If you are looking for professional marketing services, ICODA offers a very extensive range. It will help you open your first cryptocurrency account, become a member of popular cryptocurrency markets and learn how to use it.

3. Coinbound

Coinbound is a crypto marketing agency based in New York and Los Angeles. They recently teamed up with OKEx, ShapeShift and eToro, to name a few. It is difficult to argue with a company that provides such a high level of service to its clients and turns their investments into profits for both the company and their clients. So it’s no wonder that their marketing campaigns are always worthwhile.

PPC runs a lot of business and it is important to have a good plan for the future. When you have good tools, an effective strategy that delivers results and impact programs in the right hands, your product will thrive. Coinbound is among the few companies on the list to use 4chan, as well as the social platform Reddit for its organic development.

If you are looking for a marketing agency, with experience in doing business with big names in the crypto industry and a long list of clients such as Astro, Nexo, OKcoin – then Coinbound is your option.


2018. Since it started, has been very successful in simple and advanced projects and has made its way to the top of blockchain marketing companies. They are among the few who provide services quickly and provide a high level of quality. That is why many crypto companies use them for their marketing campaigns. helps companies with online visibility through collaborations with powerful companies such as Yahoo Finance and Cointelegraph. offers advertising and marketing services for cryptocurrencies, DeFi projects. Their techniques and focus seem to support a wide range of crypto brands. also has experience with ICOs and crypto ads on well-known exchanges. Now the organization states that it has completed several projects and that numerous DAO tokens have been offered in large markets.

5. NinjaPromo

Founded in 2017, NinjaPromo is an agency with influence around the world. They help brands connect with their customers by creating personal connections in this digital world. Most of them are still with them. The key to their success? bring personal to digital.

NinjaPromo is a pioneer in the world of blockchain-related marketing and social media advertising. The team at smart ICO Services has successfully developed content and strategies for more than 20 blockchain companies. Their PR, advertising and marketing influence has been successful in helping many projects with Bitcoin startups find traction in the competitive realm of cryptocurrencies.

NinjaPromo initiates all aspects of marketing tactics on social networks by applying innovative approaches. In addition, as mentioned earlier, NinjaPromo believes in using a comprehensive approach to SMM. You don’t have to worry about any information that your Crypto campaign might give up, as it will be kept within a secure and confidential NinjaPromo platform.

You can find a number of marketing agencies, but when it comes to finding the right one, you need to look for some key benefits. For example, the best NFT marketing agency is the one that helps you get the exposure you want and the benefits you want.

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