Gala Games: reference gamefi platform?

Gala Games: reference gamefi platform?

Gala Games, the game platform and developer of Townstar

Between the game catalog and the introduction to play-to-earn, Gala Games is experiencing rapid growth and becoming a must-have for beginners.

Since 2020, play-to-earn games have become more numerous and popular. The rising value of bitcoin has encouraged many “investors” to get into cryptocurrencies.

If this type of game can intimidate more than one, alternatives intended for beginners and NFT and Blockchain neophytes have emerged in recent years. They are among the most frequently cited Gala games.

Presenting itself as a platform where players can learn about titles and play without investing large amountsGala Games quickly became famous in the gamefi community.

A visual representation of the different games offered at Gala Games

How do the Gala Games work?

Gala Games presents itself as the host and online catalog with the offer of several games and a store dedicated to the purchase of each title.

However, the focus is not on the Blockchain aspect but, of course playability and accessibility of each title. In this it can be considered the equivalent of Steam, but it specializes in gaming for money.

As gamefi is still relatively new, Gala Games is an alternative that allows players just focus on the game and gradually reveal NFTs. This point is also important and is highlighted on the homepage of the platform:

“We believe blockchain should be invisible in our games. We use simple game mechanics that can be enjoyed by all players, whether they consider themselves blockchain professionals or not. »

What can I play at Gala Games?

In order to offer all players a title that meets their desires, Gala Games currently offers on its platform 9 different titles. These games draw inspiration from the classics of the genre, but also from games on Facebook or cult licenses.

Gala Games develops games independently that it offers on its platform, but can also offer titles produced by other studios like Ember Entertainment, ROUND2 or Ion Games.


Townstar city under snow

It’s Townstar a simulation/city building game in the spirit of games like Farmville. It was also created by one of the co-founders of Facebook’s star game. Available in the browser and developed by Gala Games, the goal of the game is to create the most pleasant, but above all, the most productive city possible.

Every day, players are offered new challenges to earn TownCoins, the in-game currency. And every week the players with the best town get exclusive rewards in the form of TownCoins or NFTs.

NFTs are unique and can then be traded or sold on the Gala Games MarketPlace.


Spider Tanks is a brawler (multiplayer arena shooter) developed by GAMEDIA available on PC and Mac. The player embodies a small spider robot that can move and shoot its opponents.

Proposer PvP game modesSpider Tanks takes on genre classics like team fight or capture the flag. Everything is played in arenas that players can customize, and a reward system rewards the bravest and most determined pilots.

It is possible thatimprove your robotcreate teams, but also earn rewards on the planet where the player’s arena is located.

Other platform titles

Currently only Town Star and Spider Tanks are playable as they are offered in Beta. Other titles are in development, but promise diverse adventures and different gameplay.

Upcoming titles include established (defense tower), Mirandus (RPG), but above all The Walking Dead: Empires, a survival focused MMORPG. collectible card game, Legends Reborn: Age of Chanceit was also offered to players through Node.

The crypto aspect of the Gala Games

Like all other gamefi games, Gala Games (although it is a platform) is connected to the Blockchain and has its own virtual currency. Platform it runs on the Ethernum blockchain and has Gala token as cryptocurrency.

GALA token, value that grows

Distributed specifically to founder node owners, the GALA token is a domestic token specific to the Metaverse and platform ecosystem. It can be given in two ways, including playing the first title launched by the platform : Townstar.

The GALA token, although more recent, is also one of the cryptocurrencies that experts are talking about the most. At the end of 2021, the token is listed on Binance and experienced an increase in value of more than 700%. In addition, it is often listed among the top 5 trending cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2022.

If you want to get GALA tokens, the easiest and safest way is to go through Binance.

Node, the mechanism that funds the platform and unlocks rewards

In order to build loyalty, but also to support the entire platform, Gala Games were also established knot.

This one an ecosystem based on a node system allows special voting to determine which new games will arrive on the platform. This mechanism was, for example, implemented when Legends Reborn was announced on the official Twitter account of Gala Games.

running on management token principle, gives decision-making power, but not only. By purchasing a player license contributes to the development of the Gala ecosystem and everything that comes with it: games, NFT, database creation… This contribution is also rewarded in different ways.

Gala Games Market

Depending on the involvement, the player can receive among other things Gala tokens but also special NFTs only available in a very limited edition. The more the number of games offered on the platform increases, the more GALA tokens will increase in value.

Although the adventure for Gala Games has only recently begun, the platform has the potential to become a major player in gamefi games and a reference in its field.

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