Caduceus co-founder Tim Bullman on how they’re shaping the future of the Metaverse

With all the hype surrounding Metaverse, the NewsBTC team spoke with Tim Bullman, Co-Founder of the Caduceus Foundation to learn more about their initiative. Caduceus is a blockchain dedicated to the development of the metaverse, supporting developers and creators to build their own metaverse, NFT, GameFi and DeFi projects. Here are excerpts from our interview.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about your journey that led to Caduceus?

Team: After successfully launching the first corporate crypto brokerage business in the UK, I met my other co-founders. We shared the same vision that the blockchain sector needs a reliable, robust ecosystem for a global audience to make a meaningful connection with such a new technology. We have analyzed all other blockchain features, pros and cons, and found a unique angle where we can make a difference and provide a truly robust infrastructure for Web 3 developers. The future of the metaverse in the world of the Web3 era will have multiple chains coexisting. A true metaverse would connect all other virtual worlds and transfer personal data and currency between different ecosystems through protocols that span time, platforms, and devices. This is also what Caduceus strives for and actively implements. At its current stage, Caduceus will use the underlying architecture to support various independent applications in the metaverse field. At a later stage, these applications will be integrated and connected in series to realize a system consisting of different applications, different devices and user experiences, which will be the prototype of the Caduceus Metaverse.

Q: What is Caduceus trying to solve?

Team: The Metaverse is a huge topic and will undoubtedly play an important role in our future digital life. However, the development of the metaverse requires high rendering power, and the current cost of various centralized providers is extremely high. With Caduceus’ unique decentralized edge rendering solutions, developers can provide audiences with a simpler, cheaper and highly efficient experience. Metaverse emphasizes an immersive interactive experience for the fusion of the virtual and the real. What the market really needs is an innovator who can not only achieve its own development, but also lead the trend of the metaverse, and behind this innovation be inseparable from the support of edge computing, globally distributed heterogeneous computing power and efficient rendering services. As a new form of metaverse infrastructure, we believe the Caduceus metaverse protocol is technically outstanding. The combination of edge computing and blockchain will lay a solid foundation for credible and efficient collaboration between multiple vertical industries. These compute and compute-derived rendering resources will also meet the compute power demand of Metaverse application scenarios, bringing a more extreme Metaverse interactive experience.

Q: So what is your role in Caduceus?

Team: I have spent the past 25 years building and managing businesses in the capital and digital markets, so I have experience in administrative and operational functions. This coupled with a strong drive to promote business development will be my focus in the short to medium term. We will set a long-term strategy on ensuring strong connections with the community and wider audience to align with their vision as well as our own.

Q: How is Caduceus different from other blockchain protocols?

Team: Four different aspects:

  • Super fast transaction speed
  • Super low transaction costs
  • Custom consensus mechanism
  • A unique low-cost decentralized edge plotting solution

On top of that, we’re building a set of tools to improve our development environment to make life a lot easier for future developers. Our goal is to lower the entry level so that more talent can join this exciting space.

Q: What are the different applications and industry verticals that you see Caduceus adopting?

Team: With the focus on enterprise-level products, there is a demand for real productivity tools that provide developers with a friendly and convenient development environment, which is the original intent of Caduceus. Therefore, Caduceus carefully considers “performance, robustness, scalability, flexibility and reliability” in the architectural concept, and provides developers with a decentralized and fully modularized system in line with the current Metaverse market demand. Blockchain with lower transaction costs, higher speed and a strong emphasis on security and scalability. Currently, Caduceus released the main net. At the same time, it will implement a multi-stage network iteration, systematically organize internal and external useful resources, and create software that is truly easy to use with technical advantages such as developer friendliness and complete development tools from a systems engineering perspective. .

We expect game developers, metaverses, Dex and NFT creators to join the caduceus.

Q: What is the current state of development? When can we expect Caduceus-based projects to start running?

Team: Our mainnet version 1.0 was launched on the 28thth April and currently the development team is working on version 2.0 which will further improve the efficiency of our network. We’ve shared much of our current developer status on our official Twitter and Medium accounts, so check out those platforms for more detailed updates.

Our goal will be to achieve a large number of cross-industry collaborations with leading Web2 companies, fashion brands, film and television IP, sports/film and television stars and artists, create popular Metaverse applications, and create diverse Caduceus metaverse development. Games are also a big part of the Caduceus ecosystem. We see more than 40 projects being deployed on Caduceus. This is very encouraging considering that our mainnet was launched only in April this year.

A few exciting examples to share, Caduceus is working with 3D NFT fashion brand Hape to create an NFT scene that integrates games, business and entertainment, and co-designs a virtual image system to give consumers the opportunity to interact with culture and brands in a highly immersive experience. Interaction. The CMP token will also be a tokenomic solution for the Hape ecosystem

Caduceus has teamed up with one of the Dubai Sovereign Bin Zayed Group companies to bring the Twin Cities experience to life using virtual reality technology, creating an authentic urban experience in the Metaverse;

Light Cycle, the first metaversal platform incubated by Caduceus, Light Cycle 3D metaversal platform built for fashion, entertainment, gaming, movies, music, sports, real estate, retail, NFT, and will work with Lord Botham to bring cricket into the metaverse. This will be the first of many projects that bring sports and the metaverse together for a wider audience to experience

Q: Can you please explain the features of Caduceus?

Team: As the first Metaverse protocol for decentralized edge rendering, Caduceus is committed to providing services such as decentralized rendering, edge computing, 3D technology and XR augmented reality technology for Metaverse developers and creators. As you can see from the introduction, the core technologies provided by Metaverse Protocol Caduceus for Metaverse include blockchain technology, edge computing technology, computing power resources and computing power derived rendering resources. Furthermore, high transaction speed with low transaction costs gave our developer an advantage.

Q: What is the community interest in Caduceus?

Team: Communities are formed because people come together with a common bond and vision. In the Caduceus community, everyone has a valuable consensus, agrees with the concept of project development, and is willing to participate in community building. At the same time, they can also enjoy the economic returns that the caduceus growth brings. For this purpose, we have specially launched the NFT “NEW” exclusive badge for the community. Community users who hold NOVA can enjoy CMP token drops, intra-ecosystem project whitelists, and intra-ecosystem project drops. As an indispensable part of the Caduceus metaverse, the Caduceus community welcomes all like-minded partners, and our community will give every member the opportunity and right to participate in community building. Our combined community across all channels and platforms has exceeded 800,000 members

Q: Do you have any significant partnerships or collaborations to share?

Team: We recently teamed up with Lord Botham, one of cricket’s most successful legends, who brought cricket into the metaverse.

We also started our journey with Hape Prime, an NFT fashion brand based in London and New York to take NFT to the next level. We have some exciting news to announce about this project soon, we can’t wait to tell everyone more about it, but we have to keep it under wraps for now.

We also have some exciting news to announce with inspiring partnerships in the music, sports and film industries.

August will be busy for us, with a strong focus on adoption and business development until the end of the year and beyond.

Q: How to start with Caduceus?

Team: We have a very detailed guide and guidelines on our website in the developer section. It provides very clear guidance on wallet integration, smart contract implementation, and other aspects to begin your journey with Caduceus.

Our technical team is always here to help. We welcome global talent to join Caduceus.

Q: Today, the metaverse is one of the hottest topics and everyone wants to be present in it. How do you think metaverses will add value to individuals and businesses beyond what web2 can currently offer?

Team: In many countries, governments and companies attach great importance to new technologies. It is also very friendly to the relevant policies. With the blessing of new technologies, it can rapidly promote the digital transformation of local traditional enterprises and promote the economic development of various countries. With the current economic environment in mind, Metaverse is undoubtedly a large emerging market with huge opportunities for growth. Many early game companies are also actively exploring the Metaverse, looking for entry strategies, and some projects are even being actively run by the local government.

Caduceus has been hard at work building the Metaverse protocol that provides technical support services for Metaverse developers and creators. With the characteristics of massive computing and flexible use, enterprises can efficiently complete the implementation at the lowest cost, and will also create a convenient and easy-to-use Metaverse core infrastructure for more Web2 enterprises, which is very suitable for countries that are in their infancy and their local areas.

Q: Tell us more about your team

Team: Caduceus has a team of experienced professionals with extensive experience in blockchain, DeFi, software development, finance, retail, music, art, media and entertainment. We’ve gathered all these professionals from many fields to bring you a deep passion for the emerging Metaverse.

Q: Do you want to add anything else?

Team: The most exciting news that I would like to share is that our original control token $CMP has just launched on Bybit, MEXC and Bitget on July 25, 2022. Users who are optimistic about the value of Caduceus, don’t miss it!

$CMP is the native token in the Caduceus Metaverse protocol, and is also a key part of the Caduceus Metaverse ecology. We can consider CMP as a value bridge that connects the real and virtual worlds. The relevant token mechanism will also be announced in the third quarter of 2022, including the introduction of decentralized computing power node pledge function, CMP pledge to obtain tokens for environmental application and NFT, etc., to better enrich the use value and scenario of CMP , and form an ecological and economic closed loop of the project.

In the future, we will aim to achieve a large number of cross-industry collaborations with leading Web2 companies, fashion brands, film and television IP, sports/film and television stars and artists to create popular Metaverse applications and create diverse Caduceus metaverse development.

Learn more about Caduceus at

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