Binance uses Cristiano Ronaldo and Khaby Lame to promote Web3

Binance et Khaby Lame

To promote Web3 and transform the NFT industry, cryptocurrency firm Binance enlisted TikTok star Khaby Lame and soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo.

Khaby Blade connected Binance as a global ambassador of the company. Recently, the young man exceeded Charlie D’Amelio in terms of followers on TikTok.

One of Binance’s main challenges is the understanding and adoption of cryptocurrencies and the Web3 in general. With Khaby Lame, who excels in the art of simplifying seemingly complicated matters, the cryptocurrency company seems to have found the man for the job.

Social media expert Khaby Lame will also work with Binance on distinctive NFT collections, increasing the potential reach of their partnership.

“Web3 has intrigued me for some time and I jumped at the opportunity to partner with an industry leader like Binance because it fits perfectly with my way of working: making complex things easy and fun for everyone! said Khaby Lame.

This partnership is timely. Since the cryptocurrency crash, the cryptocurrency market has lost 2 trillion dollarsflow TerraUSD collapsed and main Web3 entities like Coinbase,, BlockFi and Gemini reduced their staff in anticipation of another difficult period.

“Khaby Lame has become a cultural icon and one of the world’s most entertaining content creators. We love his charm and sense of humor and believe he will bring relevance and trust as Web3 adoption grows,” he said. James Rothwell, Global Vice President of Marketing at Binance. “With so much nuance surrounding Web3 and misinformation in the world, it was the perfect time to invite Khaby Lame to help us debunk some misconceptions about this space. »

Binance also announced an exclusive multi-year partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star will launch several unique collections of NFTs for Binance users to purchase.

“My relationship with the fans is very important to me, so the idea of ​​bringing more experiences and unprecedented access to NFTs through this platform is something I wanted to be a part of,” said Cristiano Ronaldo. “I know fans will enjoy the collection as much as I do. »

Currency conversion is an area that has long been considered to require a deeper level of explanation and understanding.

Users of fiat currency often complain about how their “real world” money can be converted to crypto as well as the value of their funds. Specifically, they ask about purchases and transactions. Vendors and their marketplaces are a key element to the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies as they represent a domain that shares extensive interaction with the general population.

Seeing prices displayed in a foreign currency deters people from doing business with many sellers. After all, price serves as a means of conveying more information about a product and service, and without knowing the value associated with the foreign currency, one simply cannot infer accurate levels of information.

Relatively new to web3 currency conversion, CoinXC, seeks to solve this problem through the Course Image API (Application Programming Interface). The API allows you to embed an image in a sales forum or blog post that will automatically update with the conversion rate.

Items for sale on a forum, for example, can have prices in GBP, EUR, BTC, and ETH that automatically update right next to the USD price. Ultimately, it is an exchange rate calculator as opposed to a market/investor tool. It includes all currencies, not just cryptocurrencies, so anyone can know the conversion rate and access it easily.

Things like conversion technology and wider market adoption will be crucial for media entities and markets to adopt cryptocurrencies as a more common form of payment. More work is needed to advance this understanding if Web3 is to survive and thrive.

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Josh Wilson

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