A difficult foray into the world of video games (and that’s a good thing)

A difficult foray into the world of video games (and that's a good thing)

Many industry players are trying to pitch NFTs as the next revolution in gaming. Ubisoft is leading this movement. The French company does not hesitate to publicly consider players idiots and explain to us that NFT will provide us with many services. Fortunately, the community is sometimes able to take a step back, and It seems that players are not so easily accepting that this speculation tool is invading the video game universe. So, under the pressure of the players, some projects have already been cancelled.

GSC Game World, the developer of STALKER 2, was the first to relent, abandoning the implementation of irreplaceable tokens in its upcoming FPS: “After the feedback we received, we made the decision to cancel everything related to NFTs in to STALKER 2”, declared so a developer on Twitter. The Ukrainian was closely followed by Team 17, who in turn dropped NFTs for their main franchise, Worms, for almost the same reasons: very negative feedback from players. “We have listened to our Teamsters, our partners and our community, and the concerns they express, and therefore have decided to withdraw from activities related to NFTs,” can we read in a press release from team 17.

Actor specializing in dubbing Troy Bakerknown among other things for the roles of Joel in The Last of Us games, Batman in Telltale games or even Pagan Min, the villain of Far Cry 4, he also ventured into the slippery terrain of NFTs, before he had to abandon the project, not without alienated part of the gaming community.

Troy Baker gives up on NFT

The latest video game actor to position itself against this technology: distributor In a clear and sharp statement, the indie game distribution expert bluntly said that “NFTs are a scam”: NFT Scam

“Some have asked our position on NFTs: NFTs are a scam. If you believe they are truly useful for more than exploiting creators, financial scams, and destroying the planet, please reconsider your life choices. kisses. »

Of course, we are not done with tokens and blockchain. Ubisoft, for example, has not yet announced that it will close its NFT program called “Quartz”. However, the French developer of course heard the dissatisfaction of the players, and very quickly deleted the promotional video of the thing on YouTube, after it was sanctioned by a large number of “dislikes”. However, the company is not exactly known for doing what the audience expects from it (it took the Americans from Sucker Punch to revive the much-requested Japanese Assassin’s Creed!), and Quartzes should stay in Ubisoft’s universes for a while.

Konami has also confirmed its intention to continue offering NFT content, and even Nintendo says it is not banning anything… However, the various stances taken against NFTs are a good signal to send to other players and show that the video game community is also capable, sometimes, to mobilize for something other than harassment or trolling!

We remind you that whatever the actors in favor of using these tokens say, the main reason for the existence of NFTs is the hope that we can speculate on their value : resell them much more expensive than they bought them. Having too perfectly integrated microtransactions (which are anything but micro for publishers) and slot mechanics (for example, with gacha games), hopefully the resistance will be enough to not add another wound to the media.

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