5 little-known crypto projects with HUGE potential

5 little-known crypto projects with HUGE potential

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5 little-known crypto projects with HUGE potential – NFT, gaming and blockchain

There are 5 little-known crypto projects with great potential, which must be studied at any cost in this difficult period. The market is certainly struggling, but that doesn’t stop us from digging up nuggets. These 5 little-known cryptocurrencies with great potential are blockchain plays around NFTs. Even if you are not a fan of NFTs or video games, behind every project there are tokens that can be interesting to invest in.

DeFi kingdoms

The basic idea behind this little-known crypto project with great potential is to create a space where investing in cryptocurrencies will feel more like a game, instead of the unattractive interface that is often seen. Specifically, it’s about creating a system that will allow non-crypto geeks to use decentralized finance through a video game. This game has a token called a Gem.

The Jewel token is designed and traded on the Harmony One platform, available on UniswapV2. The platform is secure and fast. The transaction fees charged are negligible. The game offers the possibility of exchanging different tokens. In addition, you can create pairs through pools and have the ability to invest your cryptocurrencies at the Garden level. You will see a fruit tree with many fruits. Indeed, this fruit represents your property. DeFi Kingdom will soon set up its metaverse where you can buy virtual land (NFT LAND).

Guardians Guild

This is one of the most anticipated games for this year 2022. This video game also has a large community supporting the project. It is designed on immutable X. It is probably a game that will compete with Axie Infinity, currently the most played game on the blockchain. The design of Guild of Guardians is attractive and the team leading the project is strong. Rightly so, this video game is one of the 5 little-known crypto projects with great potential.

galaxy fight club

The idea behind the video game is fascinating. Many NFT collections are currently being created. Galaxy fight club allows NFT owners to fight each other. It may sound strange. But remember that Nintendo already created a similar game that was a huge success: Super Smash bros. Galxy fight club is trying to reproduce the same concept, blockchain version, cryptocurrencies and NFTs.


This game is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The system allows you to buy eggs that will later turn into monsters. However, you cannot know in advance the type of monster you will have. The token associated with the game is the CBX token. You can buy it or earn it by playing.

Alien worlds

Alien Worlds is based on the Wax blockchain. It is an ecological and economical blockchain, because transaction costs are insignificant. Alien Worlds is a game to make money. You can earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs by playing. The game resembles Stars Wars, and the currency used is Trilium (TLM).

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